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U.S. Open Week

Our national championship begins this week and it should be one for the ages. We have heard all of the negative buzz surrounding Chambers Bay and how it is more of a British Open style course rather than a U.S. Open. But what if that was the plan? What if USGA Executive Director, Mike Davis, wanted something different and wanted to generate a different buzz to spice it up and make it more about the course then about the players? If that’s that case then he has succeeded, and now it’s up to the greatest players in the world to take on this links style U.S. Open test.

Another twist to this week is going to be the t.v. coverage. Instead of being on NBC which it has been for the past 20 years, it will be on Fox with an all new crew and technology to cover it. With this being the first major ever aired on Fox it will be interesting to see how they will put their spin on it, especially, with their aerial drones that will give the viewers a new spin on the traditional golf coverage.

Regardless, of what may or may not be different about this week it will be great to watch and will surely be as dramatic as the last 114 U.S. Opens.